I have collaborated with a wide spectrum of clients, reaching from young start-ups, over well-established design studios & agencies, up to world–famous brands.

Below you can find a list of services that I provide — from consulting work, to development work or worldwide, in–depth workshops covering important aspects of the front–end.

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A deep understanding of all standards & technologies at use and a focus on maintainability, scalability & testability lies at the core of all my (development–related) work.

Here are some development–related tasks that I can help you with:

  • 001The JavaScript Ecosystem
  • 002Scalable CSS Architectures
  • 003Styleguide–driven UIs
  • 004Responsive Design
  • 005Containerization
  • 006Progressive Webapps
  • 007Rapid Prototyping
  • 008Microservices
  • 009Offline–first
  • 010Workflow Tooling

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I especially enjoy consulting work for one particular reason, which is that you are often involved in the early stages of a product launch.

Many key decisions happen in this stage & having a company put such trust into ones work is always a privilege.

Some consulting–related things that I’ll be glad to help you with include:

  • 001In–depth ECMAScript
  • 002The JavaScript Ecosystem
  • 003Performance Optimization
  • 004Refactors & Rewrites
  • 005UX/UI Improvement
  • 006Code Reviews
  • 007In–house Workshops
  • 008Quality Assurance
  • 009Workflow Improvements
  • 010Industry Best Practices

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When I am not doing development/consultancy work, I can be found giving lectures at several universities and institutions worldwide, helping up-and-coming developers become the best possible versions of themselves.

Over the course of my career, I have given hundreds of talks in front of audiences of varying sizes, speaking about different technologies. Some of the week-long lectures include topics such as:

  • 001JavaScript Basics
  • 002Advanced JavaScript
  • 003ECMAScript In–depth
  • 004Concepts of SPAs
  • 005MVC/OOP Concepts
  • 006Responsive Design Basics
  • 007Semantics & Microformats
  • 008Scalable CSS

If you are a student or department head, responsible for the universities curriculum, make sure to Request a lecture